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SunPower completes purchase of SolarWorld Americas as P-Series module production to start in Q1 2019

pv-tech |  SunPower reiterated that the facility would produce its P-Series cells and modules, which were already being made (P-type PERC cells) under a JV in China and assembled in Mexico. Image: SunPower Corp US-headquartered high-efficiency PV module producer SunPower Corp has completed the acquisition of SolarWorld Americas from German insolvency court and administrators, securing

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Akuo Energy starts construction on 17MW floating solar plant in France

French renewables IPP Akuo Energy has started construction on a 17MW floating solar project in Piolenc, Vaucluse, southeast France. Louis Driey, mayor of Piolenc, said: “The finalisation of this project is the result of many years of battles with the authorities to convince them of the value of this groundbreaking idea of a floating solar

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Yet another Tiny Solar or Tiny Watt Trend: Solar powered Internet

Digitization and the Internet wanted to inform, dematerialize and save energy for our society. But as it turned out, it has become rather the opposite. Social media make us lonely and unhappy. We fight every day with false reports and propaganda. Ex-Monty Pyton Terry Gilliams aptly says: Crazy ones and kids are the only ones

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A Big Tiny Community We’re launching a new web-based platform to create a nationwide community of “tiny watts”–very small applications of solar PV and solar thermal–because even small applications add up in a big way! Think solar backpacks and suitcases for charging cell phones and laptops; solar lights; solar cookers; low-tech solar water heaters, food dryers and

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SunPower borrows $110 million to refinance – calculate your Contracting – Leasing Offer

SunPower yesterday published a filing with financial regulators which sheds light on its plan to bring in more capital, as well as how much it is willing to pay for the cash injection. According to the filing, on August 10 a SunPower subsidiary entered agreement to borrow $110 million from sustainable infrastructure investor Hannon Armstrong under

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Stacking concrete blocks is a surprisingly efficient way to store energy – Calculate Lift costs how much kcal do i need to climb stair

How much energy is in the stairs? Elevator: electricity costs per person per floor in cents? How much is it about average per person and floor of electricity for a lift? How much electricity can we store via Gravity? The potential energy of a body is calculated according to the following formula: m: mass in

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imec pushes 4-terminal perovskite/silicon tandem solar cell to record 27.1%

pvtech Nanoelectronics R&D organisation imec has reported a record 4-terminal Perovskite/silicon tandem photovoltaic cell with a conversion efficiency of 27.1%, while claiming further microcrystal engineering leads a path of efficiencies of over 30%. Key to the new record cell was said to be due to perovskite microcrystals. Manoj Jaysankar, doctoral researcher at imec/EnergyVille noted, “We

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Europe’s first GW-sized solar park may be built in France – a Truck substitution Calculator

The huge 1.2 GW PV facility is currently being planned in the Lot-et-Garonne Department, southern France. The project’s required investment is expected to reach around €1 billion. Five big solar players are currently interested in developing the plant. Truck to kW, MW, GW Solar Substitution Photovoltaic Equivalent Calculator Energy of a average Truck (300 kW)

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Install Inequality: Nearly half of U.S. residential rooftop solar potential is currently out of reach

via SolarBuilder | One of the largest barriers to solar adoption on a wide scale is the wealth gap, and it will require more problem-solving than a mandate to overcome it. A new report released by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) shows that nearly half (42 percent) of all the United States’ residential rooftop solar

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