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Should I Cut Down My Trees for Solar Panels

BY BOB SCHILDGEN | OCT 19 2016 Q: We’re considering a rooftop solar system, but we’d probably have to remove eight tall oak trees to get sun. Would it be worth the environmental cost of losing those trees and the many benefits they provide? —Diane in Bloomingdale, New Jersey A: That’s a tough question. Sometimes

Financing HPPs – Hydro Power Plants – in South East Europe against environment impact rules Construction of HPPs in South East Europe countries seems to be very attractive for international banks and lenders like EIB-EBRD-IFC-KfW. Austrian companies and banks seems to be very interested in financing risky and non environment friendly projects in the region. Standards which are applied in EU does not seems to be a rule for international

How to Get Your Apartment Off the Grid

Lowtech Magazin | The typical solar PV power installation requires access to a private roof and a big budget. However, wouldn’t it be possible to get around these obstacles by installing small solar panels on window sills and balconies, connected to a low-voltage direct current (DC) distribution network? To put this theory to the test,

Real Time Gold Costs to Dollar per kWh/kg Calculation

Copper Energy Price Ratio 5,43 EUR/kg 48 MJ is about 0,50 EUR/kWh pic Extracted Ugo Bardi — thomas reis (@peakaustria) 17. September 2017 or Optimism about the depletion problem comes from a basic mistake – that of considering the amounts of minerals available and not the energy cost of recovering them. jQuery UI