Repowering means a second life for your old modules with diode cooker and mirror against food waste

You are looking for a team of roofers and electricians to install a photovoltaic system. We have a motivated team for you. We optimize PV systems with new modules across Europe and are committed to giving used modules a second life and donating them with ‘forbidden’ cheap diode cookers to relieve women and families in the

Degradation warning for Topcon modules and backsheets – calculate performance degradation online

“Everyone wants as much power as possible on the module nameplate as a positive evaluation,” explains Kenneth Sauer, senior engineer at VDE America. “Thanks to higher no-load voltage values, we achieve higher efficiencies and rated power. this will likely move manufacturers to n-type and TOPCon cell designs. We’re not trying to sound the alarm for

I asked Chat GPT how to calculate the optimal angle for photovoltaic panels

Some results of the Conversation about Photovoltaic. I needed it for the ongoing Citizen experiments with Mirrors as a drought Mitigation follow also the link to download of the Paper from MEER. After the Distance also the Angle is very important for high Efficency. ChatGpt 1. Atmend latitude and timezone Latitude(ca 47 Österreich) Timezone: Neigung

Heat Mitigation for Photovoltaic can lower your electricity Bills

Everybody knows, when it comes to selling a product or an idea little cheats can help. So we calculate future electricity revenue a little bit more optimistic. Temperature can surprisingly be more influentially in performance and durability than previously thought. “And a lot of cash…I keep on telling designer that in hot climates, starting southern

Biomimicry active Lightning Rods promise fewer Shadows and cleaner Air

I was drawn to this technique by the fact that leaves produce small bolts of lightning, thus creating the hydroxyl radical. There are scientific reports that explain some phenomena, such as this strong ionized scent during thunderstorms in some forests. We perceive the changed static charge, which in turn generates radicals in the atmosphere and

New solar canopy for agrivoltaics from France

New solar canopy for agrivoltaics from France French solar company TSE has developed an agrivoltaic rotating canopy that allows large agricultural machinery to move under the panels. The solution consists of a rotating structure that can host bifacial solar modules at a height of more than 5.5 meters, with a four-post structure measuring 27 m