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Utilities See Future Profits in Microgrids: Survey

Utilities see microgrids and related technologies as future revenue opportunities to help counter dampened profits from their traditional services, according to a new study from Accenture. By RGtimeline/ The finding came from a survey of 150 utility executives across more than 25 countries, part of Accenture’s Digitally Enabled Grid research program, now in its fifth

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Wiring solar panels: Calculate in series and parallel wired PV solar panels

 Modules connected in series Interconnection of any number of Modules is usually done as a series connection. In this case, the negative terminal of one Module is connected to the positive terminal of the other Module, so that all Modules are supplied with the same current. The resulting total stress is then the sum of

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Massive subsidy cuts for photovoltaics decided by the Federal Cabinet of Germany

The Federal Cabinet of Germany has decided the draft energy collection law yesterday. In addition to the special tenders, it also includes the planned reduction of subsidies for PV roof systems between 40 and 750 kWp. The law now goes its parliamentary way through the Bundestag. Last week, the draft bill of the Federal Ministry

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Switch Batteries in Parallel Batteries connected in Series online Calculator

Switch batteries or cells in parallel In parallel connection of rechargeable batteries, the positive pole is connected to the positive pole and the negative pole to the negative pole. The charging capacity (Ah) of the individual batteries then adds up while the total voltage corresponds to the voltage of the individual batteries. Basically, only batteries

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Submerged Photovoltaic Solar Panel (SP2)

The photovoltaic materials, in particular silicon and CdTe, have a negative thermal drift, i.e. they lose efficiency when the temperature increases. Water keeps the temperature of the panel constant thus avoiding the thermal drift, and at the same time the panel doesn’t lose efficiency. This  allows us to realize a gain in efficiency of approximately 20%

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Grid parity promise makes European solar a ‘sleeping giant’

JinkoSolar’s general manager for Europe claimed that subsidy-free solar projects will be all over Europe by 2021/22. Credit: Anesco The lifting of political and cost-based brakes on European solar is set to awaken a sleeping giant, with subsidy-free solar projects potentially the norm all across Europe in just a few years. A combination of more and

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100 MMbbl: The world hits daily oil, liquids record – Barrel in kwh, Mwh, Co2, EROIE

SINGAPORE (Bloomberg) via WorldOil — The world is pumping out more oil and other petroleum liquids than ever before. Global supply rose to 100.3 MMbpd in the third quarter, the International Energy Agency said Friday in its monthly oil market report. Output, which includes crude oil, natural gas liquids, biofuels and refinery processing gains, was

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GCL-SI, Solarpro build one of largest solar projects in Hungary

Solar project solution provider GCL System Integration Technology Co., Ltd. (GCL-SI) and photovoltaic (PV) sector player Solarpro Holding AD have successfully delivered 21 MW Poly Perc modules for the construction of the MET Dunai Solar Park, one of the largest PV power plants in Hungary, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business

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