Off-Grid Solar Car needs only a quarter of gas (eq) per 100 km and a Range Extender Photovoltaic Watt to km Calculator

Everywhere more and more cars are coming onto the market. The fronts of some pickups are even as tall as an adult. If we also remember that every 2nd advertising EURO comes from the auto industry, it is not surprising that we also buy what the auto industry serves us. 

If engineers do not have to pay attention to sales, only 1/4 liter of diesel equivalent per 100 km is possible. (See also the petroleum barrel to kwh calculator on  here on ) Or in terms of power units only  3.5 kWh per 100 km  or 8 times more efficient than a Tesla.

☀️ When VIolet is travelling at 60km/h, she uses the same amount of energy as a toaster.

The extended range is also guaranteed with some 100 watts of semi-flexible photovoltaic modules. These so-called range extenders are a feature of solar cars that can travel as many thousands of kilometers a year without having to connect to the power grid (off-grid).

How much money can you save yourself with some PV modules on the car roof, you calculate for example with the  Watt to Km to kWh to electricity cost calculator  (1400-800 full hours of sun a year for your solar car depending on the location)

How this car could get into the Guinness Book of Records, with such a small consumption, you can now calculate yourself online. You can compare a similar vehicle, the Off-Grid Solar Mö, with a heavy and fast SUV like the BMW X3 or other vehicles with an  online calculator here .

Range Extender Photovoltaic Watt to km Calculator to Total Cost of Ownership (only electricity costs)

Force in Watts (W) to Energy (kWh) Calculator and calculation formula.

Enter the power of your solar roof in watts: Watt
Enter the energy inflation in percentages: %
Enter the price of energy in EURO cents: Cent
Time spent in hours per year (1,460 at 4 hours per day): hr
Consumption in kWh per 100 km (3.5 - 35 for Tesla SUV): hr
Result in kilometers:
Cost or savings in EURO (not cents):
Energy result in kilowatt hours after 10 years:
Cost or savings in EUR after 10 years and after inflation:
Kosten oder Ersparnis in EUR nach 10 Jahren und nach Inflation:

kWh zu watts Umrechner ►

Watt zur kWh-Berechnung

Die Energie E in Kilowattstunden (kWh) ist gleich der Leistung P in Watt (W),
Mal der Zeitraum t in Stunden (Std.) Geteilt durch 1000:

E(kWh) = P(W) × t(hr) / 1000

Watts to kWh Umrechner ►

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