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The parallel connection of batteries makes it possible to individually increase the capacity while maintaining the same voltage

Switch batteries or cells in parallel

In parallel connection of rechargeable batteries, the positive pole is connected to the positive pole and the negative pole to the negative pole. The charging capacity (Ah) of the individual batteries then adds up while the total voltage corresponds to the voltage of the individual batteries. Basically, only batteries with the same voltage and acid density should be connected in parallel with the same state of charge and the cable cross-sections and cable lengths should be exactly the same
Battery Ah per battery (0.8 for 800 mAh)

System Volt vom Batterie System:

Anzahl der Batterien

When the batteries are connected in series or in series, the voltage adds up, but the storage capacity remains the same..

 Batteries connected in series

Interconnection of any number of solar batteries is usually done as a series connection. In this case, the negative terminal of one battery is connected to the positive terminal of the other battery, so that all batteries are supplied with the same current. The resulting total stress is then the sum of the partial stresses. The series connection of batteries is often referred to as a series connection
system Ah from the battery system (0.8 for 800 mAh)

System Volt vom Batterie System:

Number of batteries

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