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via Resilience | NSustainability is an overused and misused word in most languages. In the physical world absolutely nothing is sustainable. Nothing. We need to accept that. What sustains us is change, and our ability to adapt and innovate.

Sustainability is a bit like treading water. What is it you are trying to sustain? The endless economic growth industrial paradigm? Creature comforts that require long supply chains and toxic pollution that hopefully you never have to see? A consumerist ethos backed by military might, sewing discord and terror around the planet? These are the things that must change, quickly, or the change we shall experience will be a very unpleasant human extinction.

t’s not merely a lack of refrigeration but also a lack of electricity and the lack of money. Clinics must often store vaccines for days or weeks before they can be administered to those arriving from distant villages. Keeping live cultures fresh for such a long time is nearly impossible without being able to lower storage temperature. Every year, vaccine spoilage costs billions of dollars and impacts millions of lives.

Design an adsorption refrigerator capable of maintaining a temperature between 2°C and 8°C that utilizes passive solar energy and can be built in developing countries. The team’s final product will be a clear and comprehensive set of instructions for building the device.

The kind of carbon needed has to be able to adsorb ethanol in its vapor form almost instantaneously, so a well-developed pore structure. There are three kinds of pores in pyrolyzed carbon:

Macropores (>500 Angstrom*)
Transitional Pores (20–500 Angstrom)
Micropores (0–20 Angstrom)
*Angstrom = 0.0000001 mm.

Austria: When you assume a yearly Energy Consumption of 1,5 EJ(*) Energy and today ca 47 TWh(**) Electricty from ‘renewables’, so only 10% of the Energy comes ‘clean’ but when it comes to Biomass the CO2, air pollution, Erosion and Degradation of Soil is not solved.

Who doubts: below a online Energy Coverversion, which should help Juggling with Energy Units. (z.b.: 1 GWp(1000 MWp) ca. 1000h with wind and sun is about = 1 TWh*)

antique Window AC(Air condition) sein.

Powerless Air Condition from 70’s Radical Technology

Energy Conversion Juggler Dompteur

Energy Unit Conversion

kWh, Wh, MWh, GWh, BTU, kBTU, J, kJ, MJ, GJ, TJ, PJ, EJ Unit Calculator

give Energy Units(1 liter of Diesel has 40 MJ – Austrias consumption 1,5 EJ or 1 kcalth = 4184 J) Convert Button:


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