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Heat Mitigation for Photovoltaic can lower your electricity Bills

Everybody knows, when it comes to selling a product or an idea little cheats can help. So we calculate future electricity revenue a little bit more optimistic. Temperature can surprisingly be more influentially in performance and durability than previously thought. “And a lot of cash…I keep on telling designer that in hot climates, starting southern

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Biomimicry active Lightning Rods promise fewer Shadows and cleaner Air

I was drawn to this technique by the fact that leaves produce small bolts of lightning, thus creating the hydroxyl radical. There are scientific reports that explain some phenomena, such as this strong ionized scent during thunderstorms in some forests. We perceive the changed static charge, which in turn generates radicals in the atmosphere and

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New solar canopy for agrivoltaics from France

New solar canopy for agrivoltaics from France French solar company TSE has developed an agrivoltaic rotating canopy that allows large agricultural machinery to move under the panels. The solution consists of a rotating structure that can host bifacial solar modules at a height of more than 5.5 meters, with a four-post structure measuring 27 m

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Chris Hemsworth is shooting a movie in the DC Tower – time for another use

The THOR actor, Chris Hemsworth, is in Vienna and is supposed to promote the dark DC Tower in Vienna a bit, so he shoots a few scenes for a Netflix film. I want to take advantage of this publicity and describe an idea of ​​mine, which I have already described in a similar way with this article ,

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Cities like Berlin will experience new criminal dimensions if we don’t talk about it

After the film ‘Don’t Look up’, everyone is talking about climate change again and climate researchers like Peter Kalmus are calling on the community to rethink things and allow experiments. I want to follow the thought of a possible hostage situation of the weather a little: In 2009 I organized a photovoltaics conference in Bulgaria in order to be able to push

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Not only the James Webb Telescope is radiatively cooled – radiative cooled PV Modules

Enhanced radiative cooling of solar cells by integration with heat pipe via PV Magazin | Thermal management of solar cells is of vital importance to maintain adequate electrical efficiency. Lately, radiative cooling (RC) of solar cells has been researched extensively because of its passive nature and structural simplicity. However, commercial solar cells are usually encapsulated

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Photovoltaics mounted directly on the ground promise extremely cheap electricity

The US startup Erthos is convinced that by dispensing with conventional assembly systems and laying flat modules only with wires to hold them in place, it can reduce electricity production costs by more than 20%. The considerations apply not only to open-air systems, but also to flat roofs and, to a certain extent, to bodies

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With the power of space, air conditioning systems use 50% less electricity

I got the opportunity to visit the Tartufo Totale in Vienna on Saturday. The event took place in the Vienna Ballhaus and was hosted by the restaurateur Hannah Neunteufel, who did not take the opportunity to do an interview with the truffle blogger Luca Miliffi. Miliffi and Neunteufel then discussed why climate change and the

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