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Cities like Berlin will experience new criminal dimensions if we don’t talk about it

After the film ‘Don’t Look up’, everyone is talking about climate change again and climate researchers like Peter Kalmus are calling on the community to rethink things and allow experiments. I want to follow the thought of a possible hostage situation of the weather a little: In 2009 I organized a photovoltaics conference in Bulgaria in order to be able to push

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Not only the James Webb Telescope is radiatively cooled – radiative cooled PV Modules

Enhanced radiative cooling of solar cells by integration with heat pipe via PV Magazin | Thermal management of solar cells is of vital importance to maintain adequate electrical efficiency. Lately, radiative cooling (RC) of solar cells has been researched extensively because of its passive nature and structural simplicity. However, commercial solar cells are usually encapsulated

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Photovoltaics mounted directly on the ground promise extremely cheap electricity

The US startup Erthos is convinced that by dispensing with conventional assembly systems and laying flat modules only with wires to hold them in place, it can reduce electricity production costs by more than 20%. The considerations apply not only to open-air systems, but also to flat roofs and, to a certain extent, to bodies

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With the power of space, air conditioning systems use 50% less electricity

I got the opportunity to visit the Tartufo Totale in Vienna on Saturday. The event took place in the Vienna Ballhaus and was hosted by the restaurateur Hannah Neunteufel, who did not take the opportunity to do an interview with the truffle blogger Luca Miliffi. Miliffi and Neunteufel then discussed why climate change and the

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Harvesting drinking water from the air with the power of space

Obtaining fresh drinking water from the air has been very energy intensive for a long time. Researchers at ETH Zurich have now invented a currentless technology that uses the cooling of space for this. The new device essentially consists of a specially coated pane of glass that both reflects solar radiation and radiates its own heat

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Hot diodes! Banned cheap cooking and electricity for the world’s poor?

The establishment sees itself endangered by the social energy turnaround, as I myself got to understand from my sisters (!) Through enormous hostility and the associated financial loss. One more reason to stand up for it: Direct DC solar power (DDS) can inexpensively cook food and charge devices. The insulation of the cooking space enables

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Silver plants and double-sided modules cool your roof and increase the yield by 16% – Mirrored roofs up to 32%

The design options with modules on both sides and green roofs are large and very interesting. Cities are increasingly having a problem; they get hot too quickly. Green roofs are ideal, as they can actively cool the roof through the evaporation cold. But the question is often whether a white roof is not more efficient due to

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How our clouds stay bright and why we should mirror dark roofs

Architecture and taste are also subject to a trend. In a society that is currently overwhelmed by stimuli, people long for clear lines and tidy architecture. Maybe an explanation why there are more and more dark roofs, dark walls and dark aluminum fences and less green. Our history and our associated growth also seem to produce more

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