Chris Hemsworth is shooting a movie in the DC Tower – time for another use

The THOR actor, Chris Hemsworth, is in Vienna and is supposed to promote the dark DC Tower in Vienna a bit, so he shoots a few scenes for a Netflix film. I want to take advantage of this publicity and describe an idea of ​​mine, which I have already described in a similar way with this article , but in the meantime I have dealt extensively with cooling through space ( calculate potential Watt of radiant cooling .

Formel 1
Qrad = εσA(∆T4)

ε = surface emissivity of the roof
A    = roof area, m²
σ = the Stefan-Boltzmann constant (5.6704 × 10 -8 W / m² ∙ K4)
ΔT = temperature differential between the sky and roof, K [Kelvin = ( TºC + 273,15)]

Temperatur: C°(Grad Celcius)
Emissivität(0-1) ε(Punkt für Komma)

Watt oder Qrad: Watt/

Space is very cold, and we can bring that cold down to Earth by increasing the heat reflectance of an object or an entire region. This can happen through pyramid-like nanostructures or through the smallest glass beads, water droplets or underwater bubbles.

Mirrors have but are easy to clean, are very durable and the raw materials are very common. The production can be done relatively easily with the power of the sun.

With mirrors, a part of a high tower (Solar Chimney Power Plant- CSPP) can be cooled down well, so the temperature difference increases, between air warmed up by little albedo and air cooled by a lot of albedo and a natural draft between the different air pressure states, as we know it from the weather, arises.

We could use this fact on high-rise facades to generate electricity and even filter methane from the air with titanium dioxide (TiO2) catalysts . But condensation water could also be obtained and thus dehumidify the air and thus make the heat more bearable see also my wet bulb calculator  or the interview by Dr Ye Tao here. We could even just put invisible cooling nano coatings (small pyramids or nano glass spheres) because I already hear the architects because their art could be questioned.

If you want to support me with such projects, I’m still looking for fellow campaigners and will pay a bonus of up to 500 EUR for good tips .

A mock up by me could look like a partially mirrored DC tower

A mock up by me could look like a partially mirrored DC tower
Chris Hamsworth
Screen Shot vom Papier Solar chimney power plant integrated with a photocatalytic reactor to remove atmospheric methane: A numerical analysis

We can inverse the effect, sucking in Hot Air on the top cool it down und blow it at the bottom out.

Research and Experiments are inevitable, so please support my work.

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