How our clouds stay bright and why we should mirror dark roofs

Architecture and taste are also subject to a trend. In a society that is currently overwhelmed by stimuli, people long for clear lines and tidy architecture. Maybe an explanation why there are more and more dark roofs, dark walls and dark aluminum fences and less green.

Our history and our associated growth also seem to produce more and more CO2. At the same time, we have a problem of curbing a few and hoarding large amounts of pollution rights, or money. 

Finally , the IPCC finally admits that its climate models were far too conservative and did not take into account all parameters and that our earth is much more complex and there are so-called tipping points etc.

But another study also admits that we have also underestimated the dimming influence of our activity and that it is over 0.5 watts per square meter larger on land , so the Earth Energy imbalance will be over 2.5 watts net in the next few years increase per m². Therefore, sooner or later, we will have to take account of the additional dark areas in our cities and create a balance with mirrors, because the model calculations were all too conservative up to now. Recent studies speak of 4.4 ° C warming in cities!

But even if we suddenly manage to produce fewer exhaust gases in the cities and on the seas, we will have to reckon with darker clouds and thus a warmer earth. 

For these and various other reasons, it is important that we both deal with mirrors on roofs. But also how algae and their ‘snot’ or DMS make clouds brighter .

But it will soon be decided who will build a fleet of sailors spraying salt water in order to maintain the brightness of the clouds, as even the Guardian writes.

If you have a roof area or a water area, please contact me. But maybe someone wants to own a sleek sailing boat soon, which can create clouds with the Twomey effect, because there is still a little time.

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