New Photovoltaic Solar Modules Generation comes with 525 Watt

Trina, Jinko, Longi and Ja Solar will produce high efficient Photovoltaic Modules in 2020 here are some Press Releases to the new Module Super League

JA Solar:

JA Solar, a leading manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic products, announced that the power output of its high-efficiency solar modules under standard testing conditions has set a new industry record reaching above 525W. Such ultra-highly powerful PV module with 525W+ is designed to meet the customers’ desire and demand for further reducing the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and maximizing the economic value of PV systems for renewable energy generation. The goal of this new high-power module series is to bring JA Solar’s high-quality and cost-effective PV products to a whole new level for its worldwide customers. The modules will be commercially available in the second half of 2020.

“At JA Solar, we have been focused on technological innovation, and committed to provide high-efficiency and reliable photovoltaic products for our global customers. Our value of ‘customer centered’ has driven us to achieve this breakthrough, which enables us to win recognition from both the PV Industry and our valued customers”, said Jin Baofang, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of JA Solar.

“The latest breakthrough in module power output is another milestone in JA Solar’s efforts to enhance product performance and boost customers’ long-term economic benefits. In the future, we will continue focusing on the technological innovation of our products to drive the development of the photovoltaic industry, and allow more people to enjoy the benefits of the clean energy”, he added.


Using a large wafer size has been one of the general trends since 2010 in the solar industry sector. The thought behind this choice is reaching higher output power at the module level. Trina solar as one of the pioneers of manufacturing PV modules has launched the latest generation of the most powerful solar panel with  515.8 Watt power. The company’s product model is the Vertex module series which used several breakthrough features including M12 wafers (210 mm 210 mm), multi bus bar, and 1/3 cells (cutting cells into three pieces instead of two as in half cell design).

The Vertex series with a 21% power conversion rate was launched in February but its mass production started in March. The power density of the Vertex model is close to 214 Watt per square meter. Trina Solar has an ambitious plan to achieve the Vertex module with 600 Watt output power in the near future. They aim to do this by adding one more column of cells to the existing five-column layout design.


Efficiency, performance, and affordability plays a key part in deciding whether a solar panel is a right choice for your installation. Normally the fact is if you require superior performance, it’s going to cost more. The latest version of Tiger 465 comes to high power up to 465 Wp but does not cost much more than any other commercially available panels. No doubt it is one of the most efficient solar panels with competitive prices in 2020.

In addition to the industry-leading power, efficiency, temperature coefficient of Tiger series which ensures to deliver more energy over 25 years, compared to highly efficient technologies offered by other brands, Tiger is significantly attractive with its appealing price. That means that customers don’t need to choose between the dilemma of performance and budget. Even more, considering the increasing BOS and maintenance cost of the system, the energy yields, and the savings per year, high-efficiency values are better paid off.

With successful business subsidiaries in 36 countries and in all continents. JinkoSolar has been the world’s largest solar module producer for the fourth consecutive years with cumulated 55GW panels delivered and deployed in over 140 countries by the end of 2019.


World leading solar company LONGi announced today that it will release its next product, the Hi-MO 5 module, at the end of May.

Module output of the HI-Mo 5 will reach 530W and efficiency will exceed 21.0%.

The Hi-MO 5 will superimpose 9 busbar and half-cut cell technologies onto a mono PERC base. The wafer size will take the same direction as the industry trend towards larger formats, such as with upcoming new products by Jinko and JA Solar. Although neither of these companies has officially unveiled its new module offering, the apparent unanimous approach of the three solar giants in this aspect has surprised the industry.

“Too many options on size will certainly confuse clients and their partners. We have strong reasons to promote an industry standard to create true value for clients,” Dennis She, senior vice president of LONGi Solar, told PV Tech during an exclusive interview. “From an early stage, LONGi has been actively in contact with the industry’s leading companies and key suppliers, sharing our methodology and findings, and now we are extremely excited at how we are all aligned with each other.”


New Efficient Solar Modules 2020
Manufacture Model Cell Number Cell Type Efficiency Power Datasheet
na na 525 W na
na na 515,8 W na
Tiger Pro na 21.6% 465 W na
Hi-MO 5 21.0% 530 W


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