Ministry Of Environment In South Korea Planning 4.2 GW Floating Solar Capacity On 6 Dams

After 2.1 GW floating solar project was announced by South Korea in 2019 to be set up by Ocean Sun and EN Technologies, the country wants another 2.1 GW floating PV.

The South Korean Ministry of Environment is planning to further expand the country’s floating solar PV capacity by as much as 2.1 GW, growing it by 2030, according to a brief news shared by market intelligence firm Enerdata.

As per the news, the ministry has selected 5 dams as potential sites that can host this floating solar capacity, namely Hapcheon, Gunwi, Chungju, Soyang River and Imha. It expects the first floating solar projects to have a total capacity of 147 MW. Hapcheon dam is where local solar power company Hanwha Q Cells was reported by local media to develop a 41 MW floating solar project.

This 2.1 GW would be in addition to the previously shared plans by the country’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) for 2.1 GW floating solar power plant for Saemangeum Lake. It is being set up by Norway’s Ocean Sun and EN Technologies of South Korea.

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