How many Photovoltaic Modules do you need to fill a hydrogen car

We assume that a Toyota Mirai needs about 5 kg of hydrogen per 500 km, so the electrolysis of about 45 kg of water is necessary or 200 kWh (*).

But you can also use a different number at the tank as about 100 kWh for 500 km with a Tesla.

Modules to Watt to kWh to H2 Calculator

Energy in kilowatt-hours (kWh) of force in Watts (W) Calculator and calculation formula.
First select your photovoltaic modules and the suns full load in hours and press the Calculate button:

Enter the amount of modules: PCs
Hydrogen per Tank in Electricity kWh
Albedo Effect on a super reflective Balcony 1.5(0.5)* ρ -bifacial Modules
Enter photovoltaic technology:
Possible power in watts: Watt
Full load time in hours per year: hr
Energy result in kilowatt hours: kWh
Result in full Tanks per year: Amount
Space in Squaremeter:


A lot is written about automobiles and the electrification of the same, because cars cause a lot of emotions. Most car buying decisions are made today by women. Currently, women like masculine, safe and big cars, which presumably mediate lack of emotional warmth?

Cold technology like solar energy makes it difficult for women to score. Technology is often communicated to women unemotional and cold?

Cars, on the other hand, may be able to more easily transport content such as energy. Just as they can be used for a comparison of different techniques: Although there are already very efficient hydrogen cars, the extraction with electrolysis from water would require very large photovoltaic systems.

The Toyota Mirai needs 45 kg of electrolized water over 500 km, which is about one tankful. The energy required for this is about 200 kWh of electricity or with a very modern balcony power plant about 3.7 refill per year would be possible, with a hydrogen car always discharging itself, as the small molecules diffuse through the tank.

So much hydrogen would be lost constantly in the infrastructure, so the loss would be high.

Make your own decision and calculate the Photovoltaic needes for your Toyota Mirai.…

Combien de modules photovoltaïques avez-vous besoin pour remplir une voiture à hydrogène?…

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