Hot diodes! Banned cheap cooking and electricity for the world’s poor?

The establishment sees itself endangered by the social energy turnaround, as I myself got to understand from my sisters (!) Through enormous hostility and the associated financial loss. One more reason to stand up for it:

Direct DC solar power (DDS) can inexpensively cook food and charge devices. The insulation of the cooking space enables the food to be cooked with a (less expensive) solar panel with lower power over a longer cooking time. We explain how to use a diode chain instead of a resistor. The heater draws more energy from a solar panel via a large number of solar variants and also acts as a coarse, inexpensive voltage regulator for charging batteries and power devices. We show how a diode heater generates more heat from a solar panel than either a DDS resistor heater or a PWM / battery powered resistor heater averaged over a variety of solar intensities. The resulting electricity costs are already price competitive in many areas compared to biomass cooking. Benefits include inexpensive access to electricity, as well as reducing indoor air pollution, deforestation, and the cost / burden of providing fuel for cooking. As solar panel prices continue to fall, DDS is becoming more and more effective in bringing power and electric cooking to the world’s poor. the endSciencedirect and Solar Cooking Fandome also have an article on what isolated cooking can save on electricity.

Therefore, if you have the time and the desire to export used modules to the south, I am happy to give you free contacts to solar installers who do solar power plant repowering and therefore have access to used PV modules.

I am also happy to accept used photovoltaic modules as donations to annoy the establishment. As I was allowed to experience hostility from my sisters and the financial loss I suffered for my commitment, I know it hits those who have haves when you get involved against energy poverty and a more healthy way to cook.

Watt to kWh Calculator and Total Cost of Ownership only Power(no Health related Costs)

Power in Watts (W) ot Energy (kWh) online Calculator.
Power in Watt, Usage in Hours per Day and use Caldulate Button(Health Cost trough Smoke is missing) :

Power in Watt: Watt
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Price for Energy in EURO Cents: Cent
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Energy Costs in Kilowatthours after 10 Years:
Cost in EUR after 10 years:
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