Submerged Photovoltaic Solar Panel (SP2)

The photovoltaic materials, in particular silicon and CdTe, have a negative thermal drift, i.e. they lose efficiency when the temperature increases. Water keeps the temperature of the panel constant thus avoiding the thermal drift, and at the same time the panel doesn’t lose efficiency. This  allows us to realize a gain in efficiency of approximately 20% in the summer time.

The system is not visible from the surface. In figure at left is shown in open basins with buoys which score its presence In figures below it is totally invisible. This is a  project done for Venitian Villas who was awarded of the first price from Venise region in 2016.

Project of a SP2 for Villa Venier (near Padova). Venetian region awarded the first prize this project in 2016


Villa Pisani: its pool is suitable for SP2













Submerged PV Solar Panel for Swimming Pools: SP3 PDF

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