Bifacial modules on flat roofs provide a quick and easy ROI – enough to cool our cities

A bifacial installation by Emergent Solar Energy at Valparaiso University in Indiana utilizing TerraGen Solar’s TGR mounting system.

 Can we have both? An ideal Performance Ratio Photovoltaic Project and enough Return of Investment to rebuild our cities to become more resilient against urban heat islands? We learned these days, that with no mitigation, cities will turn into ovens. We will see an increase of 4.4 ° Celcius! This is huge and will be deadly, especially in low income districts.

So we have to ramp up research, if photovoltaic can kick off more flat roofs with high reflective and surrounding cooling white membrane roofs. For a climate justice we should ramp up this research in a very fast manner, because renovating roofs takes time and money.

from Solar Power World using bifacial solar panels on flat roofs makes sense in nearly every application. Bifacial modules, which produce power from both sides of the glass, generate the same amount of energy from their frontside as monofacial panels. If bifacial modules eke out even the smallest amount of generation from their backside, that’s just bonus without even trying. Add in a highly reflective roof surface and the right tilt angle and your commercial rooftop project is guaranteed a higher ROI.

from Wired …the less the pavement is exposed to the sun, the less the built environment will absorb its energy.

With the arrival of the Biden administration, the US could even revive the New Deal’s Civilian Conservation Corps, putting people back to work greening up cities. That’ll be especially critical in communities of color and low-income neighborhoods, which tend to be less green and thus more likely to suffer from the heat-island effect, a consequence of racist housing policies

We only need to increase the Albedo about 80% on 2-4% of the Earth Surface to mitigate about 2 ° Celsius and this should be worth more than some cheap Electricity as we have learned with this Takling Climate Change through Radiative CoolingPIIS254243511930354X.


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