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It’s Official: Solar Is Becoming World’s Cheapest Form of New Electricity

  By Nadia Prupis via EcoWatch For the first time, solar power is becoming the cheapest form of electricity production in the world, according to new statistics from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) released Thursday. While unsubsidized solar has occasionally done better than coal and gas in individual projects, 2016 marked the first time that

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Top 70 Floating Solar PV Plants

Top 15 floating solar PV plants worldwide   Rank Size (kw) Name of reservior (lake) / Name of Plant Country City/Province Operating from 1 20000 Coal mining subsidence area of Huainan City China Anhui Province April, 2016 2 7500 Kawashima Taiyou to shizen no megumi Solarpark Japan Saitama October, 2015 3 6338 Queen Elizabeth II

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Crowdinvesting-Plattform für Klimaschutzprojekte in Entwicklungsländern

Crowd4Climate, die Crowdinvesting-Plattform für Klimaschutzprojekte in Entwicklungsländern ist gestartet KleinanlegerInnen haben auf ab sofort die Möglichkeit, ihr Geld grün und nachhaltig anzulegen und Klimaschutzprojekte in Entwicklungsländern zu finanzieren! Entwickelt wurde die Plattform Crowd4Climate von der ÖGUT – Österreichische Gesellschaft für Umwelt und Technik und der Energy Changes Projektentwicklungs GmbH mit dem Ziel, mittels Crowdinvesting

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Should I Cut Down My Trees for Solar Panels

BY BOB SCHILDGEN | OCT 19 2016 Q: We’re considering a rooftop solar system, but we’d probably have to remove eight tall oak trees to get sun. Would it be worth the environmental cost of losing those trees and the many benefits they provide? —Diane in Bloomingdale, New Jersey A: That’s a tough question. Sometimes

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