World largest Solar Plant with 2,2 GW and 202 MWh Storage

via PVMagazin The state-owned Huanghe Hydropower Development Co, Ltd. has named the nine solar panel manufacturers which will supply the 3,182 MW of PV generation capacity in the first phase of a mammoth, 16 GW renewable energy project which is set to include 10 GW of new solar.

Work has already started on the 64km² first phase of the project and is set to be completed by October. Trina Solar will lead the list of PV suppliers for the first stage by shipping 600 MW of its panels, according to Huanghe Hydropower chairman Xie Xiaoping, who presented details at the recent China Photovoltaic Industry Association (CPIA) annual conference in Shenzhen.

Jolywood supplied 253MW N-type TOPCon bifacial modules.

The sprawling generation project, when finished, is set to feature 5 GW of wind power capacity – 2 GW of which is due to be installed in the current phase of development – and 1 GW of concentrating solar power. Until last year, official news about the project stated a hydropower element but that has now been removed. The project will also feature energy storage, said Xie.

The renewables facility is one of two double-digit-gigawatt scale projects being planned by the State Power Investment Corporation Limited-owned Huanghe Hydropower in Qinghai province. The 16 GW facility is being constructed in Hainan prefecture.

Xie told the CPIA gathering the ambitious scheme was given the go-ahead by Chinese president Xi Jinping when he visited Qinghai in August.

Truck to kW, MW, GW Solar Substitution Photovoltaic Equivalent Calculator

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