Whitepaper download: System design of east-west PV for subsidy-free solar

We’re now just 1 week away from Large Scale Solar Europe: The Transition to Subsidy Free in Dublin, , Ireland so I thought you might like this insightful whitepaper on east-west PV design written with input from conference speakers Simon Turner (Technical Director Power and Renewables, RINA Consulting) and Hugh Bennan (MD, Hive Energy).

Neoen’s Cestas PV plant in Bordeaux, France, used an east-west design to cram 1MW of solar per 0.8 hectares of land

The vast majority of utility-scale solar farms across the world have been
built facing just one way – south in the northern hemisphere, and vice versa – but, in the pursuit of greater economics, is a different direction emerging? One major project planned for the UK could be leading the way, breaking the mould of the country’s usual solar design by going east-west. Cleve Hill Solar Park, a significant development planned by a joint venture including Hive and Wirsol, is earmarked for more than 400 hectares of land based on England’s south eastern coast in Kent.
Having originally intended to develop the site for the country’s Contracts for Difference support scheme, solar PV’s continued
exclusion from it has forced the developers to pursue its development without government support. The location is beneficial given that one of the UK’s n

umerous offshore windfarms
connects to a 150/400kV National Grid substation located just a stone’s throw from it. This will allow the site to connect to the country’s less-congested transmission grid, rather than the local distribution grid. But in the absence of subsidy, the site’s development has taken on a more complex and thought provoking nature. Hugh Brennan, managing director at Hive Energy…


System design of east-west PV for subsidy free projects” 


“[East-west] is coming to the fore,
particularly in post- or low-subsidy
environments by squeezing in as
much capacity as possible”

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