TOP 5 Most Efficient Commercial Available Solar Panels March of 2020

These are the most efficient Photovoltaic Modules. The list is not really complete and please suppose your favorite high efficient module.

The photovoltaic industry has made tremendous progress and is the cheapest way to build new electricity production capacity worldwide.
Another positive feature is that photovoltaics produce no emissions.

Finally, the danger of fine dust as a possible intensifier of the course of a coronavirus disease has also caught the attention of the media.

We should focus much more on resilient and decentralized solar energy, also to improve the health, living conditions and financial independence of the population.

An economy like it was before the Corona crisis will not make us healthier and we should take advantage of this unique opportunity.

The manufacturers do their homework and continuously improve the efficiency of photovoltaics, thereby constantly reducing installation costs.

What would be required now is a policy that follows this encouraging technological development and really supports it broadly and fully.

The TOP 5 most efficient modules for space are from Sunpower, LG, REC, Jollywood and Trina.

I also added an online calculator that can compare two equally large (!) Modules.

I also added an online calculator, square meters to kWh to money, to be able to estimate whether the mostly more expensive new technology also pays off financially for the location and the area.

For personal independence, photovoltaics is always an asset, so we also need socially just solutions for people who have no access to the roof, facade or any other type of space.


Most Efficient Commercial Available Solar Panels, March of 2020
Manufacture Model Cell Number Cell Type Efficiency Power Datasheet
A-420-G-AC 66 Maxeon 22,50% 420 Watt  A Series
Neon R 60 MBB 22,00% 380 Watt  Neon R
Alpha 60 HJT-Half Cell 21.7% 375 Watt Alpha
JW HD120N 60 Half Cut 20,79% 350 Watt JW HD
DEG17MC.2 144 Half Cut 20,50% 430 Watt N-NEG


Modules to Watt to kWh to EUR to SQM to ROI Calculator

Energy in kilowatt-hours (kWh) of force in Watts (W) Calculator and calculation formula.
First select your photovoltaic modules and the suns full load in hours and press the Calculate button:

Enter the amount of modules: PCs
The monetary remuneration or saving in cents: Cent
Albedo Effect on a super reflective Balcony 1.5(0.5)* ρ -bifacial Modules
Price per Watt for EPC EUR
Enter photovoltaic technology:
Possible power in watts: Watt
Full load time in hours per year: hr
Possible Space in Squaremeter:
Possible Space in km²: km²
Energy result in kilowatt hours: kWh
Money result in EUR: EUR
Investment Cost in EUR: EUR
realative yearly yield years %
Money result in EUR after the years: EUR
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