Solar powered Atmospheric Water Generator

Living with the Rhythm of the nature is for most of us a herein target. When it comes to water in arid regions, humans use the temperature differences between day and night since 3000 years: These tunnels are named with different names according to their place of origin: qanat in Iran, karez in China and along the Silk Road, falaj in Oman, surangan in India, khettara in Morocco, foggara in Algeria, guettara and m’louka in Tunisia, majirat and cimbras, mines and zanias in Spain, tunnels, ingruttati and bottini in Italy, mambo in Japan. source

But when it comes to agriculture, the problem mostly was not the lack of water. Ipso facto the opposite: With Agriculture and Irrigation comes soil erosion, river sedimentation and soil salinisation…see Scott

Tunnel Irrigation

Ancient Irrigation with Fog catching Tunnels.

DIY Atmospheric Water Generator

DIY Atmospheric Water Generator – combine it with a Photovoltaic Module and Inverter and you may have a Air Well on your roof.

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