Pictures of the first solar power station in space

Beijing: China is taking its renewable energy push to new heights, with scientists revealing plans to build the first solar power station in space.

A solar power station orbiting the earth at 36,000 kilometres could tap the energy of the sun’s rays without interference from the atmosphere, or seasonal and night-time loss of sunlight, Chinese media reported.

Pang Zhihao, the chief scientific communication expert of the national space exploration technology, told the Science and Technology Daily on the 13th that if China builds a space solar power station, the electric vehicle can be charged anytime and anywhere, and there is no longer any worry about “breaking grain”.

Solar energy in space is very abundant. Pang Zhihao said that if a solar power station is built on a geosynchronous orbit at a height of about 36,000 kilometers, the sun’s rays will not be weakened by the atmosphere, nor will it be affected by seasonal and day and night changes. The solar radiation can be stably received within 99% of the time. More than 6 times the ground. The fixed-point transmission of energy through the space to the ground provides an inexhaustible source of clean energy for humans.





Older Rendering of this idea: 1981-NASA-SPS-Space-Transportation

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