Less than 2 US Cent per kWh – world record for 900 MW Dubai solar park

DEWA bags $0.016953/kWh tariff for 900MW of Dubai solar park

Credit: DEWA.

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has confirmed that it fielded a tariff of
US$1.6953 cents per kWh in a tender for a 900 MW plot of its 5GW Mohammed bin Rashid
(MbR) solar parks – a bid it claims sets a world record for the indepedent power producer
(IPP) model. The tariff comes very close to the record bid of €1.476 cents per kWh – or US
$1.644 cents per kWh by today’s exchange rate – lodged in a Portuguese government
auction in August. DEWA’s chief executive officer Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer said that the
utility had achieved “a world record in getting the lowest price for PV solar power projects
based on the IPP model.” Al Tayer added that the 900MW tranche of the solar park will
increase production capacity of the park to 2,863 MW and help the emirate reach its aim of
generating 75% of Dubai’s total power output from clean energy by 2050.

Truck to kW, MW, GW Solar Substitution Photovoltaic Equivalent Calculator

Energy of a average Truck (300 kW) to Photovoltaic Equivalents in Middle Europe(1000 Watt/m²)- A Truck goes average of 3.300 hr per Year so how much PV do we need to build to substitute:



Enter amounts of a average 200kW Trucks you want to substitute: Trucks Pcs
Enter power of the truck in kW: kW
Enter utilization – workload of the truck in hours: hours
Result in kilowatt-hours PVeq:  kW

Energy in megawatt-hours PVeq:  MW
Energy in gigawatt-hours PVeq:  GW


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