How much money and electricity you can save with a cooking basket and a mist shower

There are some cheap innovations in energy saving which I want to highlight this time. We want to have a higher share of renewable energies in our energy mix but often lack the conditions or the will. Thus, the individual often only has the opportunity to save on consumption. How much cash money can be saved here is actually amazing, but at the same time explains why these solutions are not really communicated. Above all, of course, clean cooking would require a slower approach to preparing food, which in turn could put the fast food industry in question. Also, the body care with sponge laundry or mist shower could lead to a new approach, which might not necessarily be beneficial for the cosmetics industry. Here is a lot to write about is completely against the zeitgeist of Instagram and Co, which indeed spread minutely desirable content. What could also mean a relief from the trend or fashion treadmill.

Die Nebeldusche eine Raumfahrt Innovation

If you live in an apartment, you can often find it difficult to supply warm water from solar collectors on the roof, facade or balcony railings. Even if you’re on the road, you may not always have access to a shower. What I did not know until recently how astronauts shower. They use a built-in pressure sprayer in principle. Yes, so little water pressure is apparently enough, according to the US Space Agency NASA to get through the day hygienic and about 3 liters can also be easily heated on the windowsill by the sun. Voila saved a lot of money or so you stay clean at the festival or camping.

Der Kochkorb halbiert die Kosten beim Kochen

The fire-less stove is a startup idea, which makes heat the topic. It is not a new invention but the cooking basket can save up to 50% of the energy costs of cooking. Just a few decades ago, our grandmothers wrapped dishes like potatoes after a short cooking time with blankets and then placed the warm pot in crate or in a basket. So the heat was isolated and the dish could finish cooking. The video about Clean Cooking may explain it better. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, you can think about revitalizing this tradition. For more information, visit MotoZero or East Africa Biomass group

An idea of how much energy you can save is on the one hand with a water to kWh calculator, as well as with a watts to time to kWh to EUR calculator possible.

KWh to Heat Calculator Converter – Hot Water to kWh to EUR Your potential savings if you use solar energy or a mist shower

Water is often used to store electricity or solar heat: E = cp dt m where E = energy (kJ, Btu) cp = specific temperature of water (kJ / kgoC, Btu / lb oF) (4.2 kJ / kgoC, 1 Btu / lmbmo for water)
dt = temperature difference of water in the environment or water pipe (oC, oF)) m = mass of water (kg, lbm)

Enter the storage in liters: l(Liter)
Temperature in Storage: C°(Grad Celcius)
Temperature in the Pipe: C°(Grad Celcius)
Costs per Kwh : Cent
Timerange usage z.b. 365 days over 10 years: Amount

Storeage in kWh: kWh
Estimated Costs saved: EUR
Estimated Costs – timespan: time/amount

Watt zu kWh Rechner zu Total Cost of Ownership nur Stromkosten

Force in Watts (W) to Energy (kWh) calculator and calculation formula.
Enter the power in watts, consumption time in hours per day and press the Calculate button (maintenance costs, spare parts etc. missing):

Power in Watt: Watt
Inflation in Percent: %
Price for Energy in Cents: Cent
time per year(365 bei 1 Std pro Tag): hr
Energy result in Kilowatthour:
Cost in EURO(nicht Cent):
Energy result in Kilowatthour: after 10 Jahren:
Kosten in EUR nach 10 Jahren:

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