Globally 1,3 TWp of Photovoltaics could be installed in 2023 compared to the World Energy Outlook

Will we be able to leave oil or coal in the ground at the same time? The energy outlook will be about 14,863 million tons of oil equivalents in 2023. An increase to 2019 of 819 Mtoe or 9.5 Twp PVeq?

Source: forecast-world-energy primary-consumption.html


Convert millions of tons of oil to barrels in liters, calculate barrels in kWh online, convert EROIE to Kwh and MWh and Twh and TWp
Million: Mtoe
Barrel: boe
EROI(0-1): %
Energy density in kwh kwh/boe
Co2 kg per Barrel[1] kg CO2eq/boe

Barrel in Liter ∑ Liter
∑ Summe kwh ∑ kWh
∑ Sum Mwh ∑ MWh
∑ Sum Twh ∑ TWh
∑ Sum TWp ∑ TWp(1000kWh per kW pa)
∑ Sum Co2eq Co2 tonne
∑ Sum Co2eq in Gigatonne Co2 Gt

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