Electric car Aptera with a range of 1600 kilometers four times further than a Tesla Model 3 – Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaic

Charging stations operators will combat this vehicle concept, as it would mean a huge loss of earnings if more ultra-light vehicles populated our streets. But solar cars should also be included in urban planning. But the spread of solar carports in parking lots is not yet big enough to think about it.

The Aptera has a CW value of 0.15 Cd and an end face of only 1.4 m² with a weight of only approx. 820 kg. In terms of arithmetic, it uses about 4.3 kWh per 100 km.

The built-in photovoltaic cells should deliver 4.4 kWh per day and thus enable everyday operation without ever having to go to the expensive charging point. In the 105 kWh battery version, the manufacturer can also speak of a stop and go traffic, justifiably with a range of 1600 kilometers, in contrast to the Tesla Model 3 – four times more range until this aircraft cockpit-like vehicle has to be connected to the socket.

Another consideration is whether, depending on the parking space, it pays to mount photovoltaic cells on an electric car. Here a total cost of ownership calculator for a roof-mounted photovoltaic range extender or watt to kilometer calculator can help. The variables are of course varied here and it is questionable whether such laminates are not yet too expensive.

The Aptera has a CW Value of 0,15 Cd und eine front surface of only 1,4 m² and weight of only 820 kg.

Calculate kWh depending on the Speed, weight and CW
How fast are you going

How big is my CW Value(Trucks up to 8 – Aptera 0.15)

Front Surface in m²(truck 10m²)

Weight (truck 40t)

Your resistance increases quadratically with the speed see see Wikipedia to
Constant AirConstant RollF-Air(N)F Sumt(N)KWkWh SumLiters/100kmCO2 g/km

an Air Resistance of motor vehicles, the dependence on the Reynolds number can often be neglected. Then, the CW value is set as a constant value so that the resistance increases quadratically with the speed.
Red of the Mö by Evovelo in comparison(cw 0.3, 1 m², 400kg)!

Acceleration from 0 to weight of at a Efficiency(Oil Diesel Fuel Vehicle) 35% oder 10952 kJ/Liter
Liter usage per acceleration
Amount of speed-up until 50 Liter are burned

Is a Vehicle Integrated Photovoltiac(VIPV) feasable for me?

The Power of your Vehichle Integrater Photovoltaic in Watt: Watt
Energy Price through Inflation in Percent: %
Price for Energy in EURO Cents: Cent
Full load Hours per Year Jahr (1.460 for 4 Hours per Day): hr
Usage in kWh per 100 km(3.5 - 35 for Tesla SUV): hr
Result in Kilometer: km
Energy Result in Kilowatthours: kwh
Savings or Loading Costs in EURO(not Cents): EUR
Energy Reult in Kilowatthours after 10 years: kwh
Costs or Savings in EUR after 10 years after Inflation: EUR

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