Austrian Photovoltaic Subsidies and calculate how to build PV without subsidies Date 2019: Photovoltaic subsidy on 09.Janner at 17:00:00 o’clock.
Tariff subsidy (7.67 cents / kWh) & investment subsidy (250 EUR / kWp)

In Austria, photovoltaic subsidies are more characterized by covers and reservations, which are never realized. But of course, the OeMAG PV Funding now offers another opportunity to generate double-digit returns.

On 09.01.2019 we ask you to enter exclusively via the OeMAG homepage (

Note regarding applications for photovoltaic systems: Please note that in the period from 09.01.2019 to 16.01.2019, the self-supply share is decisive as a ranking criterion, with the same rank deciding the time of the application.

Applications for the granting of investment subsidies (§27a ÖSG 2012) for photovoltaic systems and electricity storage can only be submitted from 11.03.2019, 17:00 CET.

Click the Sliders to calculate LCOE(once you click on it it will start)

Investment expenditures price (EUR/kWp 750 EUR – 2000 EUR):

Operation hours per year:

Period in the years:

Photovoltaic Electricity Cost per kWh:

Click the Sliders to calculate Capital Costs

Price of Modules per Watt(Cent per Watt):

Watt per Module

Amount of Modules:

Watt of the System:

kWp of the System:

Inverter and Rest:

Capital Cost for your System:

Capital Cost for your System per kWp:

Amortization of your Photovoltaic online Calculation – Inflation

Usage per kWh/year per kWp(1000 Watt)

Price of Electricity in Eurocent/kWh

Annual Price Increase -Inflation (1,02 = 2%)

Total Cost of the Photovoltaic per kWp(per 1000 Watt)

Expenses per year in Electricity:

Spending after 25 years -inclusive Inflation:

Stromkosten Gesamt mögliche Ersparnis

Financial Plan
PV-Anlage 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025
not billed Electricity
invested Capital

Photovoltaic Production per month in kwh(for individual Data - please contact us!)

Powerusage per Day H0 Standard of VDEW


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