BenQ AUO SunForte PM096B00 Datasheet Sunpower Cells

SunForte PM096B00, our most powerful PV module, is equipped with Back-Contact technology, and delivers the top high efficiency, at up to 20.6%, with power output up to 335W. Its outstanding high efficiency enables more energy output than conventional counterparts when given the same amount of space.* With its transformer-less solution, LID(Light Induced Degradation)-Free technology and better temperature coefficient, PM096B00 performs better in energy yield than conventional c-Si (crystalline silicon) modules. PM096B00_EN_20170410_s


Power Range
325 ~ 335Wp
Highly Strengthened Design
Module complies with advanced loading tests to meet 5400 Pa loading requirements
Resistance to Salt Corrosion and Humidity
Module complies with IEC 61701: Salt Mist Corrosion Testing
Back Contact Cells
No string in the front side enhances light conversion space
IP-67 Rates Junction Box
Advancde water and dust proof level
PID-Resistance(up to Diamond Level)
Certified high PID resistance
Superior Performance at High Temperatures
Less power loss in hot weather conditions due to the low temperature coefficient


SunForte PM096B00’s High Efficiency Advantage

Same amount of space with more energy
In the same size area, SunForte PM096B00 provides(up to) 34% more rated watts than convential modules.*
System of conventional modules System of SunForte PM096B00
 Conventional Module: 245W/piece
Total watts of system: 4,410W
(245W x 18 pieces)
 SunForte PM096B00: 330W/piece
Total watts of system: 5,940W
(330W x 18 pieces)
* In comparison of the 60-cell PV modules with 15.2% module efficiency.

Same installation capacity with fewer modules
For composing a same scale system, SunForte PM096B00 saves(up to) 24% space than conventional modules.*
System of conventional modules System of SunForte PM096B00
6kW system:
composed of 245W Solar Modules()
6kW system:
composed of SunForte PM096B00( )
* In comparison of a 60-cell PV module with dimension of 1639 x 983 x 40 mm.
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