Energy Strorage Container 500 kWh

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The special feature is that the containers can be used worldwide due to the integrated transformers, ie both in 120V 60Hz (USA, Canada etc.) and in 230V 50Hz networks (Europe, Africa etc.). The AC output power is in US networks with 60Hz at 2 x 125KW = 250KW and in networks with 50Hz at about 2 x 90KW = ca.180KW.


2 containers were completed in 2017 and 2 containers were completed in 2018. The containers are new and have max. 20 working hours and can not be used for logistical reasons. The containers should be used worldwide mobile, but sending by air freight every 2 weeks is simply too expensive and therefore the 4 containers are returned.


Detailed overview of the components of a container:


There are a total of 6 LG battery racks, each with 91KWh nominal capacity in each container, with a total of 546KWh battery capacity per container and 2 Princeton Power inverters with an output power of 125KVA so a total AC output power of 250KVA.


The new price of a container is 550,000EUR net

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